How To Write a Business Thank-You Note

A business thank-you note is a very effective way to strengthen a professional business relationship. Sending a thank you note is a simple act of showing your appreciation to favors done for you by a colleague, subordinate or a business partner, which can work miracles for your business. This sincere gesture keeps people motivated to keep on providing their best services and loyalty to your leadership. Not to mention the good reputation that you will establish from it.

Make it personal. Use a stationary with your business logo or letterhead to write on. It would be better if you use your handwriting instead of typing it from your computer, although the latter works just fine as well. The reason for this is you want to make your thank you note as personal as much as you can. This is oftentimes more appreciated than writing on a pre-printed thank you card from your local stores.

If you are not very confident about your penmanship, you can use your computer to create a personalized format, theme or template for your thank you note. Make sure that you choose a format or a template that best fits your personality so your recipient can readily identify your personal touch in it.

Do not make it too colorful or put in too much graphics. Use a clear font and font color, preferably black and bold, to emphasize your content. 

Write the date and salutation. Send your thank you note as promptly as you can. A thank you note sent after a month or so after the service or the favor has been completed is rather senseless. Start your greeting with a friendly salutation such as "Dear Carol," or "Dear Ms. Gray," for a more formal tone.

Express your appreciation. Keep your message short but heartfelt. The body of your text must be no more than a few sentences.

Mention the particular service, gift or favor done for you by your recipient.  Commend your subordinates or business partners for their excellent service and how much their expertise and contribution help you in running a good business.

If you are writing to thank a client for purchasing your products or services, mention how much you value their trust in your business.  Do not overdo your compliments. Keep it direct without sounding too stiff and awkward. Maintain sincerity in every word.

Sign your note. If you know the recipient, sign using your first name, otherwise write your complete name on the signature line. Use your handwriting in signing your note.

Proofread your note. Check your thank you note for possible spelling and grammatical errors. A letter with too many syntax errors and typos looks like it was written in haste. You do not want your recipient to feel that you wrote that note just to get it done with. A thank you note that is poorly written will have no impact at all and can in fact be taken negatively by whoever gets to read it. Refrain from using generic thank you messages that are usually copy-pasted from the internet.

Maintain a good amount of formality and professionalism in writing your thank you note. Avoid being too casual and too friendly especially if you are not personally acquainted with your recipient.


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