How To Write a Concept Statement

Concept statements are formal documents that sets concepts to the decision makers by presenting different ideas in words, pictures or graphics that will eventually be implemented upon approval of the decision makers.

The usual decision makers are the board, the company's upper management, the head of a department, and the potential client. A concept statement is generally used for advertising products, campaigns and other related fields that involve advertisements, a formal suggestion to a problem's solution, and for a project's proposal.

These are some instructions that can help your concept statement writing.

Information Gathering

  • Think about the details that you want to propose for a program or a project.
  • Jot down notes to every single part of the project or the program. You have to be creative in thinking and make sure that it is original.
  • You should be prepared for your decision makers' disapproval or resistance. Prepare to defend all your ideas. Write down your possible counters to their objections.  Your goal is to make them convinced that your idea will help them.
  • Make a list of all the possible benefits that you can think of in implementing your suggested program or project. You should specify the benefit that it can give to the company, to the potential client, to a group, organization or department, or to the whole community.
  • You also have to plan about the person, a group, or a department. The plan is needed to perform tasks for the completion of a program or a project when your proposal is approved.
  • Think of possible questions that the decision makers might ask and prepare an intelligent answer for each one of them.
  • Discuss with your client's the possible short comings that may arise during or after the possible implementation of the project or program. Put it all in writing and try your best to predict all the possible problems that may arise. Have a pattern; you should have a strategy in thinking. Try looking at the smallest to the largest possible problems.
  • Think about the chances that your suggested plan will succeed and include all your predictions and explanations.
  • You have to type all your ideas and save it as a draft for some modifications. Divide it in to sections so that it will be easy for you to write the final proposal.

Preparation for concept statement approval

Make a document in your word processor.  On the first page, type the title, the date, the introduction and the company logo, if applicable. Then, create the headings of different segments and divisions of your project. Some commonly used headings are the Background, Goal, Overview, Proposed Project's Description, Business Problem, Constraints or Limitations, Variables, Known Risks, Justifications of Project Non Implementation, Required Resources, Project Responsibility and Success Probability.

Grab your draft copy and list all the details under each related heading. You can use bullets; you can enumerate or just write them down as complete sentences or even as an entire paragraph. Do not forget to add footnotes and appendices in order for the decision makers to know where you got the fact that you stated, including numbers, estimates or predictions. It is also good to use pictures, graphs, drawings and diagrams to further explain your proposal.

Evaluate the final document

You can now proofread your final draft. Check for proper grammar and spelling and make sure to correct all the typographical errors. Get someone who can review your document and reproof read it for you.  When you are contented with the proposal, it is now time to print out your documents.


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