How To Write a Faculty Development Planning Grant

All learning institutions aspire for the materialization of their faculty development planning. However, nothing in this world is free. To hone mentors into their most efficient and best capacity, financial resources are necessary in order to avail of favorable teaching skills development and techniques updating. There are a variety of charitable businessmen and organizations that grant funding for such noble cause of uplifting the teaching force for the consequent improvement and cultivation of the learning populace. To gain such beneficial funding, you should learn how to effectively write a proposal for a faculty development planning grant. Here are a few pointers.

  • Your institute should produce a faculty development plan, summarizing intended training opportunities, both specialized and instructive, and stating the department's aim and purpose. Specify the present capacities of the teaching workforce, as well as any recent advancement reached so far as the aim and purpose you have stated are concerned.
  • Your plan should bear a properly formatted cover page, containing a title description, the complete and correctly spelled name of the person/s you're proposing to, the present date, and the grant proponent's name, as well as his telephone/cell phone numbers and/or email address for anticipated correspondence with the target fund-provider.
  • Write a statistical presentation of the faculty's assessment, emphasizing the dire need for the funding, the advantages which will be of great heights and benefits to teachers and students alike. Use the power of persuasion, digging deep into the funder's consideration and empathy by explaining the possible negative outcome due to the lack of financial support for the plan.
  • Illustrate a detailed plan, outlining with precision the necessary information regarding the plan's mission and vision and how you intend to proceed with their implementation. Highlight positive probable results if ever the plan is successfully implemented, i.e. lowering of statistics for drop-out and criminal prevalence within the school premises.
  • Provide an exclusive segment for the institution's mission, vision and goal. It would be best to include goals that are feasible and can be assessed, throwing in a timeline which will show an approximation of how long you will be able to attain them relevant to the proposed dates of accomplishment.
  • Your proposed budget should be properly and clearly outlined, stating exact figures and specifying where every cent will be placed, and writing down a detailed fund allocation plan for seminars, workshops and other skills honing activities. Also remember to include possible operational costs for the administration and staff alike.
  • Let the funder get to know the principal staffs who will take charge of the faculty development planning and the faculty selection who will participate in the program by specifying their credentials.
  • The proposal should also comprise of appendices, which may consist of supportive written correspondence records from groups that help sustain your learning institution, certificates and confirmatory documents pointing to the institute's involvement with previous programs with interests same with the current one.
  • Don't forget the introduction and the abstract. Although the introduction is placed before the cover page and the abstract page is placed at the opening of the plan, you should write these important parts after having summed up everything else in the collective data section. Include a summary of the whys and hows of your faculty development plan, and figures specified in black and white as well as the anticipated results.

Try to follow these general guidelines and increase your chances of being granted with the needed funds. Good luck!


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