How To Write a Grand Opening Letter

A well-written grand opening letter can help your business toward a successful start. Before you sit down to write a grand opening letter, consider all of the qualities of your new business that visitors will find appealing. In other words, why should someone take the time out of a hectic schedule to visit the grand opening of your business? Compile a complete list of all of the things your business has to offer its potential customers. Once you've finished your list, it's time to begin writing your grand opening letter.

  1. First, it's best to begin with the necessary elements of a grand opening letter. The name of your business, the address where it's located, and a telephone number for people with further questions should all be included in the letter. You may want to send a small map along with your letter if your business is a little tricky to find.
  2. Next, you'll need to include the day, date and time of your grand opening. Mentioning the grand opening date more than once in the letter, is a great way to increase the chances that its recipient will remember the special occasion. Now that the necessary parts of the grand opening letter have been noted, it's time to convince the letter's recipient to attend your long-awaited, joyful occasion.

Writing a letter that announces a grand opening is your first opportunity to share all of the incredible things about your new business with future customers. The particular qualities mentioned in your letter will depend on the type of business you own. Some of the enticements for visitors to a grand opening include: free parking, quality merchandise that is priced reasonably, a child-friendly environment, a knowledgeable staff of workers, and a welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to mention any special sales or offers that you have planned in celebration of your grand opening. Also, if you're going to provide appetizers, cake or other sorts of refreshments for visitors to the opening, make it a point to specify that in your grand opening letter.

When you're finished writing your grand opening letter, have it printed on colorful paper. You might also want to invest in some quality business size envelopes for your letter. If the name of your business carries with it a particular lettering design or motto, be sure to include that as part of the overall style. Consider a grand opening letter the opportunity to showcase the merits of your new business. 


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