How To Write a Job Promotion Letter

A job promotion is normally presented to an employee for good work performance, reasons of seniority, or when applied for by an employee. Whatever the reason may be that the promotion is being presented, the employee must be informed. Doing this verbally is the right way but it is also proper to back this up with a written letter as well. A promotion letter can also be distributed throughout the company to inform other employees about an individual’s achievements within his working area and defines the promoted employees new job description.

The following guidelines can be taken into consideration when writing a job promotion letter:

  • Identifying the employee is the first step. Using the employee’s name in the salutation is a way to retain the formality of the letter and make sure that it is delivered to the right person. You may also add this on the first part of your letter.
  • Include the reasons you have chosen to give the employee a promotion. For promotions brought about by reasons of seniority or for a job well done, write down in detail the employee’s work history and how his performance has been greatly beneficial to the company. For promotions that have been applied for, enumerate the reasons why you feel that this particular employee has an advantage over the other applicants by way of their outstanding performance at work.
  • Reaffirm that the employee has been promoted and write down in detail what he can expect from the company with regards to his job title and ranking. Get down to the basics that will include the new job description and duties he is expected to perform, the hours he will keep and the new method of payment. You will also need to add the benefits he will be expecting from the company now that he has been promoted. This will consist of the amount of salary increase the employee will receive, along with other extras like a new company car, a personal expense account and other remunerations the company has to offer. State specifically when this will all take effect.
  • Finally, extend your heartfelt congratulations to the newly promoted employee, adding that he has done a great job and that the company is looking forward to a long and fruitful working rapport with him. Affix your signature and job title at the end.

A person who has worked for a particular company and served them well with the quality of work that has been expected from him and probably exceeding expectation, not only deserves a promotion but a well written letter commending him for his valuable service. By taking the time to prepare this letter, you boost the employee’s morale and allow him to feel his importance in the company, at the same time rewarding him for what he has done. This could produce positive effects in that that the employee is given more motivation to work even harder and continue being an asset to the company.


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