How To Write a One-Page Fundraising Letter

It is common among organizations to host activities that are relevant to their mission and goals. But more often than not, some organizations are struggling in raising funds just to make these events possible. One way to solve this is the making and distribution of fundraising letters. While two-page fundraising letters seem to be common, a one-page fundraising letter can be more concise, straightforward, and effective. So why waste time writing letters that beat around the bush? Here are some things to remember in writing a one-page fundraising letter.

  • Determine the intent or purpose of writing the letter. Know what to ask exactly. Is the purpose of writing the letter to solicit for prizes alone? Or are you requesting a company to sponsor the whole event? Whatever your intent or purpose of writing the fundraising letter, you must keep it as your focus.
  • Think about your potential donors. Make some research to find out where to address your letter and to whom it is delivered. There could be middle men who deal with the letter first before it reaches the right person so it is important to know these things. You might want to contact the company or visit their website for some other necessary information.
  • Come up with a good heading to start with. People in high positions are bombarded with bundles of letters daily. Therefore, there is a need for you to come up with an introduction that simply states your request. It is more like a subject phrase that you write in your e-mails. It would also be much of a challenge if you keep the person reading from the heading up to the last words of your letter. Daunting as it may seem but you rather work hard on this than have your fundraising letter thrown in the trash box.
  • Extend your emotions to the letter. Appeal through emotions if you have to. Just remember not to be excessively sentimental. Better yet, reflect on the organization's cause or perhaps, consider the support and assistance that have been given to beneficiaries. It would also be equally helpful if you can tell a simple story about the people who are about to benefit the cause.
  • Write something about your organization. Be careful of lengthy descriptions or elaborated history of the organization for this may result into disinterest of the donor. You need not to write down the company's mission statement as well as its annual activities. Brief descriptions would suffice.
  • Provide an up-to-date contact information including the name of the organization, its address, telephone number/s, and e-mail address.
  • Do not forget to thank your sponsors. Any favorable response you get from people whom you have sent your one-page fundraising letters deserves gratitude and by way of giving back, you may send each sponsor a token that would serve as an appreciation for their contributions on the said event. Apart from this, you can send them updates of what has been done so that they know where the contributions have been used.

Writing a one-page fundraising letter is no different from the same having two or three pages. As long as you've created it effectively and the target sponsors have responded accordingly, one sure thing is to happen-- that is, making a difference in the lives of people who are greatly in need.


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