How To Write a Quality Management Audit Form

Nowadays, due to an increase in the competitive competition within organizations and a stricter federal regulation, effective quality systems are considered an essential part of every organization. One of the best ways to implement and check quality systems of your organization is performing audits. Audits provide an understandable picture of the ways to implement the systems in your organization, the extent the systems are followed, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems in the improvement of your organization’s services and products. These audit reports can be the basis of multiple strategic decisions with regard to your organization’s wastage, product quality, actual date and time of orders, customer necessities, and others. In short, your audit report is an important report designed to act as an advice and outcomes in remedial and protective action. With this, it is of utmost importance that you create an excellent audit form to have a credible and sincere audit reports for quality and well-organized systems for your organization. This audit form totally makes you ready anytime for external and internal audits of your organization’s system. And to have an efficient quality system audit form follow these special steps below.

  • Use MS word to create a new document. Title the new document, “Quality System Audit Form.” This serves as your main title. Type an additional heading, “Auditing Information: To Be Checked by Auditor” below its main title. Insert the auditor’s signature line next to its main title.
  • Two spaces after the additional heading, insert a rectangular box of two inches long with borders. Click within the box to type, “Non-Compliance – Include Part of SOP, ISO or QSR.” Add another signature line for your auditor’s name.
  • Start with an additional rectangular box of three inches long with outside borders. Outside the rectangular box, key in “To Be Prepared by Auditor.” Below that line, type, “Root Cause: The underlying factors why the non-compliance occurred.” Then type, “Root Cause Confirmed” and “Date.”
  • Make another box and format it to four inches in length with inserted exterior borders.  Point the cursor above the box’s line then type, “Remedial Action Plan: Ways to address the non-compliance.” Inside the box, type “Prepared Name Signature,” “Submitted Date for the Implementation of Remedial Action,” and “Received by Regulatory Affairs.”
  • Create a new page and make two boxes, both three inches long. In the first rectangular box type the title, “Remedial Action Implemented.” In parentheses, add, “The action to solve reasons for the non-compliance.”
  • Title the second box, “Precautionary Action.” Again in parentheses, type, “The action to solve the grounds of potential non-compliances or other unwanted situations.” Point the cursor below the box and type “Authentication for Effectiveness” and “QA Auditor Signature following Verification.” Insert one last signature line intended for the organization’s supervisor of Q&R Affairs Department.

After following these steps, you will have a quality system or management audit form for your organization in no time.


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