How To Write a Seminar Report

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The purpose of a seminar report is to give advice concerning the value of a seminar, but to also help the presenter evaluate and modify the seminar.

Basic guidelines of a seminar report:

  1. Double spaced, no more than 4 or 5 pages long
  2. Have good visual presentation
  3. Basis of report should be on the ideas of the seminar
  4. Organized into headings and subheadings
  5. Written concisely
  6. If citations are used, include a list of references

The three basic elements of a seminar report are the introduction, body and summary. The summary states the problem and steps to the answer. The body contains the answer to the question and how it is analyzed. The summary of the report is the conclusion of the entire report. The three elements of the report form a whole; each element does not have to be one section. To write a good report, the problem and formulation as well as the introduction need to have great detail.

The introduction of the seminar report needs to contain the following:

  1. The study’s background
  2. Research problem
  3. Objectives
  4. Scope
  5. Methodology
  6. Structure of the report

When creating the title of the seminar paper, it should not be an attempt of creativity or uniqueness. The title needs to state the topic by using the least number of words and then followed by your name and other important information.

The seminar report can be written as constructive, empirical or literature study. Determining the approach is very important because each of the three kinds of approaches should show differently in a paper and have different emphasis on the introductions. The methodology is very important in the empirical paper and the material should be collected in a planned and controlled way. In a constructive type paper, the problem or research should be emphasized and the rational explained. A constructive paper gathers both the existing knowledge and the current problem to suggest a problem. The problem and objects are very important when creating a paper that is pure literature.

The text or body of the seminar reports needs to be supported by references from many different sources, including books, notes, magazines, etc. When using these references be sure to put all the information into your own words. A list of the references needs to be included at the end of the report, and include the title, author’s name, publication year and more.


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