Law Firm Marketing: 5 Tips for Success

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Every small business knows that the secret to success is high sales numbers. However, it's not enough to have in-demand products and services.

No, a business needs a solid marketing strategy. Your law firm is no different. Without a law firm marketing plan, the quality of your services is irrelevant.

How will people know what you can do for them? How will they decide to choose you over other lawyers? What reason are you giving them to trust you with their legal matters?

Law Firm Marketing Tips

Technology has completely changed the way companies advertise and market their products and services. There's nothing wrong with using old-school methods like radio ads and direct mailing, but we're entering into a new era of technology and you need to keep up. 

Keep reading for our top modern attorney marketing tips.

1. Incorporate Content Marketing

The first thing people do when they have a question, a problem, or an issue is flock to Google (or some other search engine). They want to find immediate answers or solutions to their problems. That's why you must incorporate content marketing into your law firm marketing strategies.

Use your website, social media, email campaigns, and more to offer relevant, valuable content to people seeking information. Doing so will make you more credible as well as pull in future clients.

2. Perfect Your SEO

Learning how to market a law firm means learning how to use organic legal lead generation. Take the time to learn or hire someone to perfect your website's SEO. 

Search engine optimization is how search engines find your website based on keyword searches. When a user types in "lawyers near me," your website needs to come up at the top of the results.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

Nearly 72 percent of Americans have at least one active social media profile. Law firm marketing strategies must include using social media to gain followers, post content, and lead people to your website.

You can use organic social media marketing by posting engaging and relevant content and encouraging people to like, share, comment, and follow your page. You can use paid social media advertising to select a specific demographic of people to direct your ads.

4. Use Email Campaigns

Next, design an email campaign to send automated emails periodically to email subscribers. The emails should contain pertinent information, discounts, and other valuable content that will encourage users to open emails and engage.

Be sure to include links in your emails that lead back to your website and have strong calls to action.

5. Track and Analyze Everything

Finally, remember that attention to detail is one of the most important skill sets you can have both as a lawyer and as someone in charge of marketing. You must track and analyze your advertising strategy to determine it's efficacy and make changes where needed. 

Your website will provide analytics and tell you the habits and patterns of your traffic. Your social media platforms will also grant you insight into your engagement levels, views, and outreach.

This data is important for helping you constantly improve and evolve.

Want More Tips on How to Do Things?

While anyone can build a website, it doesn't mean clients are going to find it on their own. Similarly, building a social media profile won't instantly grant you thousands of followers. To make any of these law firm marketing strategies work, you have to be consistent. 

For more tips and advice on how to do things, be sure to check out the rest of our articles before you go!


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