How To Offer Great Customer CRM

Are you trying to find out how to manage this relationship (CRM)? Put yourself in the customer's shoes and recognize each person you deal with as an individual. Because we are human, we tend to internalize and interpret every interaction as it relates to us and our set of experiences. Good CRM requires stepping outside ourselves and taking the situation in from a new perspective. To gain that perspective the key is questions. Is Mr. X unhappy with his delivery? Why? Was it late, not to spec, did it come in over estimated cost? If you ask, almost everyone will tell you exactly how they feel about the product delivery. Think about what they may have experienced in the past and ask about it. Did they have problems with a former vendor? All customer experience of any kind feeds into the CRM experience. Sales are absolutely not separate from service. A sale is only the first step in a chain that will retain clients and encourage a positive reference.

Almost invariably you will find that the specific person you are dealing with in any customer contact has experiences and stories to tell about past incidents with other vendors. It is true that this experience should not carry over, but the reality is that it does. CRM is about putting you aside and taking on each new challenge and customer on a one at a time basis. If you have panel of people to take customer calls, you should impress each one of them with the idea that the job of a CRM specialist is to make the customer happy. Without good CRM, sales are virtually useless. They will cancel.

This is not to say you should let any particular customer have free reign. It's about managing the background, the attitude, the compromise and the service. It should be a two-way street, not a one-way. Encourage customer service reps to ask questions and allow them to refer customers back to the original salesperson to answer questions. Another part of the CRM success solution is to make customers feel that they have a connection to your company. If salespeople are stretched thin, assign a regular rep to deal with any individual company or person. Wisely, you will have at least one or two contacts for any customer site just in the event of change of personnel, and they should have the same one or two with your organization. That is the essence of CRM.


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