Reviews on Manpower Recruitment Agencies

As a business competes with others, it is their major objective to have a skilled and productive labor force. Among the many options in acquiring that labor force is choosing the right manpower services agency.

The recruitment of a manpower agency depends on the type of service that the agency offers both for regular and temp agencies. Recruitment is the system of choosing the right person fitted for a specific job. In recruiting a worker, they undergo a screening process. On the other hand, an agency is a type of business that offers authorized services. It is commonly called an employment agency.  Employment agencies offer differentiated services acording to the needs of the clients. An example of these agencies is Adecco S.A., which is the largest manpower recruitment company in the world. Founded in 1996, it is the result of the merging of the French Company, Ecco and Adia Interim, a Swiss company.

Like any other businesses, manpower recruitment agencies should make reviews of general performance to improve their services.  Here are some essential things in the review of a manpower recruitment agency.

  1. Plan the agency's manpower. Review the number of your staff. Gaining the right number of employees will help the agency to eliminate redundancy and add competitive efficiency to the business. Evaluating the present and future needs of the agency gives balance to profit and investment.
  2. Organizing the work force profile will be a great help. Clarifying the employee profile will ensure success in recruitment. Benefits and limitations such as number, skills, flexibility, and experience should always be considered. Careful planning, rules on tenureship, temporary jobs and retirements will make a better business plan.
  3. Specify the recruitment process. Specify the job description of a target employee; name the qualities and characteristics of the specific job to avoid confusion. 
  4. Motivate your employees. The use of financial rewards for a job well done is a very effective way to encourage your employees to work productively.
  5. Make an employee evaluation. Assessing the performance of the workers would greatly help the agency for the following reasons. First, evaluation improves the institutional performance to a desirable level. Second, evaluation discovers the talents and greater capabilities of employees fitted to a higher position. And lastly, evaluation will help the company in giving performance merit raises and bonuses. Make a report of this evaluation to the personnel.
  6. Establish a good industrial relation. The administrators should gain respect from their workers and employers.
  7. Give attention to needs of the employees. Give due attention to employee benefits like health benefits, loans and other benefits.
  8. Strengthen personnel enhancement programs. Putting your own employees on a higher deck by offering enhancement programs would be beneficial for the agency. Through these programs, they will become more effective workers.

With these reviews given to your own manpower recruitment agency, you will not worry about the possible complaints coming from your employers. You are assured of a quality labor force to be delivered by well-trained employees.


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