Starting a Computer Business

Computer repair may seem like a natural business to start if you know a thing or two about computers. Even if you know all there is to know about repairing laptops, installing motherboards and troubleshooting Windows, the most important factor in starting a computer business is to have the business aspects down first.

Most new business fail within the first year. These businesses don’t necessarily fail because they don’t have good products or because they are necessarily too expensive, but because their business was missing something. You have to know who your competitors are and why people go to them. You also need to know how to let people know that you have a new computer business and give them a reason to come to you.

  • With a computer repair business, your first line of customers is likely to be family and friends. Even though you won’t be making a lot of money at first, you should offer them a discount. This will encourage them to use you, and they'll feel more satisfied with your work. You can’t discount good word of mouth advertising.


  • Avoid doing sales as well as repairing computers. There are too many big name inexpensive computer sellers to compete with. Specialize in customer service. You want to have a good price even if it is not the cheapest price. Offer great service and people will want to come back to you when they find the cheaper computer business down the street to be a hassle.


  • You have to work on getting customers more than making money when you first begin. This is why you need to have money saved before starting the computer business. At first you will do a lot of running around to get and satisfy customers, but it will pay off down the road. Try to repair a customer’s computer as quickly as possible. Don’t take your time thinking the customer will understand because you’re just a small shop. Impress on them that their business is important to you. Don’t over promise but do over deliver.

Pricing for your computer repair business is important. Your time is literally money. While you want to give a discount to your first few customers, calculate your regular rate to make it worth your time. Be sure and let your first customers know that you’re giving them a deal. They’ll appreciate the deal but won’t tell everyone else to expect the same price.


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