How To Subscribe to a Good Business Newspaper

A subscription to a good business newspaper informs you about vital business news and current business trends.  Here is how to find a good business newspaper to subscribe to:

  1. Search the Internet.  There will be business newspapers posted there. If you have a specific business newspaper in mind, you could search for it using your search engine.  When you have reached the business newspaper’s site, you can subscribe to it by filling out a form. There are also websites where you can find and subscribe to different newspapers so check these out.
  2. Ask around for good business newspapers.  One way to do this is to go to online forums, which deal with topics related to business.  You may find discussions about business newspapers, or if not, you could start the topic so that people in the forum may give you suggestions.  Ask those who are interested in business and find out about the newspapers to which they subscribe.  You could also ask about their opinions regarding what to look for in a business newspaper.
  3. Read reviews about business newspapers.  Again, you could find these on the Internet.  Make sure you check as many reviews as you can to get a general idea about several newspapers and to avoid getting biased views.  Once you get a list of the most popular business newspapers, check them out one by one.
  4. One thing to consider in a business newspaper is the range of subjects covered. Does the newspaper cover fewer topics than you prefer? Determine whether the subjects that you are interested in are discussed adequately and comprehensively. If not, then consider looking for another business newspaper.
  5. Review how each section is written.  Are the articles informative or do they leave much to be desired?  Is the information presented factual or does it need further investigation?  Does the newspaper give insight on business matters or cloud them further?  Decide on the criteria that would help you judge whether the newspaper gives useful articles or not and judge accordingly. 
  6. Are the articles interesting enough to you that you would like to read more in the future?  Though a business newspaper may present good articles from time to time, subscribing to a generally dull newspaper which you would rarely read is a waste of money.  Instead, buy only when you will read something and don’t buy when you won’t.
  7. How much does the subscription cost?  Consider whether you will read the newspaper regularly and how much it costs to be delivered.  Is the price of the subscription worth it in terms of the quality of articles, the comprehensiveness of the sections, the usefulness and relevance of the information presented as well as how often you can read the business newspaper?  Also, make sure that you are being given a reasonable price and that you are subscribing from a trustworthy company.  Ask other clients and customers about the reliability of their newspaper deliveries.

A good business newspaper is one that helps you do business better. Since reading a business newspaper can influence your business decisions, make sure that you choose the best one.


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