How To Create a Powerful Brochure

When you are trying to sell a product or a service, advertising is vital to the success of your product. You need to let your customers know about your products through many different methods. One standard advertising method is a brochure. Follow these tips for creating a powerful brochure that will definitely work to increase your profits.

Step 1

Decide who your customer base is. When you decide to create a powerful brochure, the first step is to determine who your brochure will be aimed at. Define your specific customer base so that you can make the brochure specifically with them in mind. Consider whether you need to direct your brochure at a certain age group, demographic, technical profession, or gender. All of these people have different preferences when it comes to brochures and advertising. Just keep this selection in the back of your mind as you go on to create your powerful pamphlet.

Step 2

Draw in the customer. Once you know who your customer base is, include things in your brochure that will engage your customers. What pictures, fonts and words will catch the eye of your customers? Decide which angle your powerful brochure will take.

Step 3

Have a powerful front page. Once folded, the front page of a brochure is all that most customers will see. So if you want to entice your customers to pick up and peruse your brochure, then your cover page better be stellar! Use the front page to show the customer what information he can expect to find within the brochure. Use pictures, quotes, catchy fonts and color to make your brochure as powerful as possible. (Just try not to make the front cover look cluttered. If it's too busy, potential customers will pass right by your beloved brochure.) The cover page is not the place for specific information. Rather, it's just meant to entice the customer to pick up the brochure and read it.

Step 4

Include just enough information. Inside of your brochure, give the customer enough necessary information, but not too much. You don't want to overload the customer with wordiness so that he won't even begin to read your brochure. Instead, write small yet informative paragraphs that include only key information and separate each paragraph with a subtitle. That will help the customer to browse through your brochure and find exactly what information he needs. As well, include information that will help your customer to make an informed decision about your product. Intrigue your customer base with compelling facts, statistics and information about your business. A few graphics and pictures within your brochure will make it more pleasing to the eyes, and less overwhelming to the reader.

Step 5

Put contact information throughout your brochure. On the front, back and inside of your brochure you should include your business information. Make it easy for your clientele to get a hold of you. Include your company name, address, website and toll-free phone number.

A powerful brochure is one that is directed to a specific audience and has the perfect mix of information and graphics. Distribute your powerful brochure to places where your customers go and you'll absolutely increase publicity and advertising for your business.


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