How To Create a Successful Postcard for Trade Shows

Handouts at a trade show attract clients, period. But it's the handouts that offer something unique that really get potential clients excited and interested in your products and services. Instead of handing out bulky kits at the trade show this year (that will likely end up in the trash), hand out a postcard with an enticing offer on it. You'll secure more interested customers through this approach. Follow these tips on making your postcard marketing campaign a success at trade shows.

Step 1

Know what your customers want. A postcard is basically a giant business card. If you include nothing more on a postcard than you would on a business card, your clients are not going to be interested in it. It will be a waste of money to you, and it won't help you to draw in any new customers. Your potential clients want to be enticed to consider purchasing your products and services through an offer provided on the postcard. At a trade show, where crowds are large and potential for profit is infinite, draw in as many customers as you can with a coupon or special offer on your trade show postcard.

Step 2

Avoid giving something for nothing. Although you may be tempted to draw in new customers by giving away a free item, you really shouldn't do this. You'll only attract those interested in a free gift, and you won't give anyone the need to purchase your products or visit your retail location. On your postcard, you may want to include a "buy one, get one ½ off" coupon. At least that will encourage trade show goers to make a purchase in order to receive a benefit. (Plus, you won't be giving away all of your merchandise without any benefit to you.)

Step 3

Offer a free service. Instead of bulky kits outlining every aspect of your business and all of its products, hand out a postcard that invites the customer to contact you for more information. Do this by offering a free service to the clients if they contact you, such as an in-home consultation or a private viewing. Remember that all this should be at no cost to you. Your trade show customers need to see value in the postcard you handed them so that they'll keep it around and make contact with you in the future.

Step 4

Entice them with a free gift with a purchase. At the trade show, you don't necessarily need to hand out a freebie to anyone who walks by. Instead, offer free gifts only to those who make a purchase. On your postcard, list the address of your business and invite customers to visit your store and make a purchase in order to receive their free gifts. Not only will this draw them into your place of business, but it will give them an opportunity to look through all of the products and services you offer and it may prompt them to purchase more than they were originally interested in. Such purchases are definitely worth the free gift you offered with a purchase on your postcard.

Step 5

Give customers special privileges on the postcard. Another way to improve your postcard marketing efforts is to draw customers in with special privileges available only to those with a postcard. For example, you could have an after-hours evening only for your VIP postcard guests, where you could offer unique sales and products (and perhaps some champagne and munchies). Get your clients interested in your business by inviting them to a special event just for them. This will draw in those who are truly interested in your products and are willing to drive to your location. A special invite postcard is an ideal way of driving your trade show traffic to your place of business. And it will be more successful than any bulky kit ever could be.


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