Where to Find Makers of Conveyor Rollers and Accessories

Conveyor systems are common equipment in manufacturing plants.  Each conveyor roller underneath a conveyor belt makes transporting heavy and bulky materials from one place to another considerably easier.  In a production line, meanwhile, the conveyor system is used to transport one part from one assembly line to another, making the assembly process organized and effective.

There are many types of conveyor systems, and each was designed to adapt to a transportation need.  Nevertheless, all of these conveyor systems use conveyor rollers.  Here are some of the different conveyor systems used in different industries today:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Wire mesh conveyor
  • Overhead conveyor
  • Plastic belt conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Line shaft roller conveyor
  • Gravity roller conveyor
  • Gravity skate wheel conveyor
  • Chain driven live roller conveyor

A conveyor roller is the most vital part of the conveyor system.  Without it, the mobility of the belt or chain will be close to impossible.  Finding a manufacturer of these rollers should not be a daunting task at all.  There are conveyor roller manufacturers that you can find online, which makes ordering convenient.  Here are just a few of them:

  1. Roach Conveyors.  Roach Conveyors manufactures roller conveyors for side loading, uploading, and temporary accumulation needs.  This is an uncommon design since the belt is under the roller.  Aside from roller conveyors, the company also manufactures all the other kinds of conveyors including the specialized ones.  The company is located in Trumann, Arkansas but they have authorized distributors all over the country.  Visit the site and fill out a Distributor Information request form to have the location of the distributor nearest you.  They guarantee shipment of all conveyors in twenty-four hours.
  2. Ensalco.  Ensalco has been in the conveyor manufacturing business for twenty seven years now.  They take pride in the fact that they serve Fortune 500 companies.  The company guarantees exact delivery of every conveyor need with the use of AutoCAD drawings. A live customer service agent is available for orders and inquiries.  Shipments are made within 24 hours.
  3. Fastrax.  Fastrax is an established manufacturer of conveyor rollers in the United Kingdom.  They deliver conveyor rollers that suit the customer's needs.  The company's conveyor rollers are manufactured with stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel or PVC.  The diameters range from 20 mm to 102 mm. There is an online quote request available within the product homepage. However, delivery of orders may take from two to five days.  Nevertheless, the company guarantees that all orders are manufactured within the best environment and by technical experts.

These companies can manufacture conveyor roller systems, but they may not be able to provide specific conveyor roller parts and accessories.  Mayata Technology Co., Ltd. of China supplies not only conveyor rollers but also conveyor system parts, components, and carrier rollers.

Try checking out each manufacturer's offering first before placing your order.  Make sure that the conveyor rollers they are manufacturing are made of the best quality so you can get your money's full worth.  You should also be able to find one that can provide the most convenient shipping option.


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