How To Work with Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are a great resource for getting jobs. They usually have a wide variety of job openings in many different fields and industries. Some handle more labor-related jobs while others work with more professionals, such as salespeople, engineers and attorneys.

It is easy to learn how to work with employment agencies. The first thing to do is locate a few of them. You can find them in the yellow pages or online. Most employment agencies are local. Employment agencies will usually list the types of jobs they have in their ads.

After you have selected a few employment agencies, call a couple of them and set up an appointment. You should give yourself time to prepare, so set the appointment several days in advance.

Make sure you have a recent copy of your resume. You will want to present yourself and your background as best as you can.

Set aside an hour or so to go over your background. Write down notes if you have to. You'll want to refresh your memory on past jobs. You'll be surprised how much information you suddenly recall.

On the day of the interview, dress appropriately. If you're hoping for a marketing management job, wear your best suit and tie. Make sure you are properly groomed. Check yourself in the restroom mirror right before your appointment. Even though this is not an interview with a company, employment agencies are very selective. They will not send you to an interview with a client if you don't first meet their requirements.

Make sure you ask plenty of questions. You may have called about a particular job. Find out if that position is still open, and what other opportunities the firm has available. Be very thorough when explaining your background. Make sure you can answer what your career goals are, and why you are considering a change. Also, be sure you answer any questions they ask. Give examples of what you've accomplished. These are called SARs (Situation, Action, Results). Tell the interviewer what project you handled, the action that was required and the positive results you achieved. Give them dollar figures.

If you are interviewing for a labor job, be sure to tell the interviewer why you are the best qualified for the job.

Most importantly, always follow up. Find out if the jobs you interviewed for have been filled. Ask the employment agency to find you other positions.


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