How To Write a Company Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement can aide in refocusing a business, organizing employees, and improving service. Regardless of the type of field you are involved in, composing a mission statement gives your company a cohesive objective. Your statement should effectively communicate your business ambitions and beliefs to every individual inside and outside of your company using simple, concise, and believable language.

What to Do:

Ask yourself basic questions, and your answers will become the inspiration for your rough draft.

  • Why are you in this business? Verbalize your passion, and your excitement will become contagious. It will help keep you and your employees energized.
  • Who are your target customers? Realize what kind of relationship you have with your patrons.  Doing so will allow you to articulate how you fit into their lives and why your business is superior to your competitors.
  • What are the roles you and your employees will play? Remember, it is a statement of your mission, as one bonded enterprise. Everyone will play a part, and a mission statement is an excellent place to begin leading your organization.
  • What are your company's values? Your mission statement is not a sales pitch, though it can become the words that your company will live up to and strive toward, so make sure to include your ethical philosophies.
  • What is your ideal image? In today's world, most industries have intense competition. Image becomes a crucial part of your business plan. Whether you are a 'mom and pop shop' or an immense corporation, know who you are and what your consumers want.

Use an easy to understand format.

  • Your first sentence will set the tone, think of it as the 'Objective' used on a resume.
  • Use the questions you answered to fill in the body.

What Not to Do:

Common mishaps can be easily avoided by remembering the intention of the announcement.

  • Attempting to make a mission statement catchy can result in sacrificing quality. Many corporations fail by focusing on forced acronyms, if you have to make it fit, drop it.
  • Don't be overcomplicated or long-winded. Employees will either ignore the declaration or worse, become a robot when dealing with clients. It's a statement, not a handbook.
  • Don't rush yourself. This document will become a vital instrument in your business, extra effort will be well rewarded.

Compose your mission statement by: brainstorming, using input from trusted sources, and utilizing vibrant language. Once you have created your mission statement, ensure its employment by making it consistently visible to everyone in the company.


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