5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Desk Setup More Ergonomic

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Do you work in front of a computer? Do you work while sitting most of the time? Is your body in constant discomfort, or even pain?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, it's definitely time for you to revamp your desk setup.

Making sure your working space allows you to be in your optimal, most comfortable position can prevent issues like back pain, carpal tunnel and neck soreness. Plus, it can increase your productivity, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

So if you want to get more things done and be comfortable while you do it, read our 5 tips on how to "ergonomize" your home office!

1. Get an Adjustable Desk

When we say adjustable, we mean a desk that you can use both while standing and sitting.

By alternating between the two positions, you can find a balance that allows you to reap the benefits of both while avoiding their negative consequences.

One thing to keep in mind is that the height at which you set your desk is very important, so you need to understand how high or low it should be according to your own height.

2. Know Where to Place Your Keyboard and Mouse

This tip is particularly useful to avoid wrist and hand injuries. Trust us when we say that you don't want to mess with carpal tunnel.

So put your keyboard and mouse shoulder-distance apart, make sure the keyboard has a negative tilt and leave enough space in the table for your wrists and forearms to have complete support.

And if you can, purchase the ergonomic version of these accessories, instead of your regular one. We promise you'll feel the difference from the get-go!

3. Choose the Right Chair

You've realized by now that getting the right home office furniture makes a huge difference and, just like the desk, your chair should also be ergonomic.

Go for one that provides your spine and your arms with proper support. If you can find a chair that has an adjustable height, that can also be very beneficial, as you can make sure that your feet will be resting on the floor the whole time you're sitting.

4. Have Space to Stretch

It's crucial that you don't spend too much time sitting or standing still. If you find yourself getting immersed in your work and forgetting to take breaks, our suggestion is that you put an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up from time to time.

Having a little stretch corner in your home office is a good idea because it makes it easy for you to move your whole body without even leaving the room.

Make Your Desk Setup Your New Project

We know that making all these changes at once can be a bit of a challenge, both for your mind and for your wallet. So look at it as your newest project!

Change one thing at a time, find the best prices, stay within your budget and don't stress out about it. Slowly but surely, your office desk setup will turn into the most comfortable part of your home!

If you want to read more about ergonomic home furniture, make sure to further explore our blog!


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