How To Find Jobs in Science

Science is a very broad and diverse discipline.  There are many careers in various fields of science and different industries.  While the newspaper want ads may not be filled with jobs for scientists, there are many resources available to find the right job for you.  

  1. Academic Research-Every major college and university in the United States, and even throughout the world, participates on some level in scientific research.  Many laboratory jobs are available at any given time for recent graduates, or people with advanced degrees.  Look at the employment pages of the official university website for more information on what is available.  Pay in academia is usually significantly less than industry, but it is easier to get an entry level position most of the time.  Skills and experience can be gained in order to move to industry at a later time.

  • Industry-If you are intent on finding a relatively high paying job, industry may be for you.  Drug manufacturers and other companies need quality control personnel and product developers.  The best way to find industry jobs are through online job sites like or  Corporate websites also have job listings if you know the names of the companies in order to search for their sites.
  • Education-Almost all states are in dire need of science teachers at the Middle School and High School levels.  Many states have alternative licensure programs to make your transition to teaching easier and your licensure a reality.  While not a high paying career, teaching is a noble and satisfying profession. Contact your state board of education for licensure details and teaching positions.
  • Environmental Professions-If you are a biologist or environmental scientist, check with your state's Department of Natural Resources for opportunities that are available for you.  Game wardens, park rangers, and water quality monitoring positions are common in many areas.
  • No matter which science discipline you decide to pursue, there are jobs available for you.  The internet, trade journals, and word of mouth are all great ways to find your perfect employment opportunity.  Do not be afraid to contact former professors for leads.  Even if they know of none personally, chances are they have networked enough to get you in contact with someone who does.  


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