How To Develop Interpersonal Relationships

Office life isn't just free internet and endless meetings. Even independent contractors will have to encounter other people sometimes, and as such, you will need to develop some kind of rapport with them. Your cubicle may sometimes feel isolating, but no one wants to be a hermit. With a little effort, you'll have more than the job to look forward to on Monday morning.

  1. It's better to err on the side of overly friendly. Shyness is easily misinterpreted as rudeness, so say hello to people you pass in the halls, the break room, the elevators, and everywhere else. When the IT person comes to fix your internet, strike up a conversation. Even the most banal weather-related chatter matters when it comes to coworker relations.
  2. You give what you get. If you want to feel comfortable and friendly with your coworkers, act friendly toward them. Bringing some holiday treats to share in the break room is an easy way to win over the entire office!
  3. You don't have to be a butterfly to be social. Join a lunch group for their weekly pizza feast, and go to a happy hour every now and then. Even if you're on the wagon, just having a conversation with a few coworkers outside of the office can go a long way toward establishing 9-to-5 friendships.
  4. To really boost your popularity around the office, arrange a post-work happy hour, or organize a coworker's birthday lunch. Activities based around food and drink are easy successes, and with a few of these under your belt, the office might start looking to you as a source of some fun. Then watch your popularity grow!
  5. You may find that you click with some of your coworkers more than others. If so, ask one or two of them to have coffee over a break. This gives you a chance to have a more personal chat outside of the office, and might bring a more lasting friendship than idle chatter over the fax machine.


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