How To Ask for a Job Promotion: Career Planning

Learn What You Need to Do to Advance Your Career

You've been working hard and feel that you are ready to take a step up the corporate ladder.  It's time to ask for a promotion. 

In any case, I can't tell you how to settle the butterflies in your stomach, but I can give you a few pointers on how to ask for the promotion:

  1. Before you approach your employer, do a little preparation. Documentation of your achievements will help you to show that you've been a valuable asset to the company and ready for career advancement. Make copies of your last reviews and make notes on company improvements that you have implemented while in your current position. If sales have grown in your department, productivity is up, and employee morale is at an all-time high under your direction, be ready to point that out. This is not the time to be modest about your accomplishments--be ready to toot your own horn to advance your career.
  2. Attitude matters as much as aptitude. Be sure that you are viewed by both management and coworkers as a positive thinking individual. This is especially important if you hope to be in a management position. People take direction and are more inclined to work hard for a boss that is upbeat and encouraging. Make a conscious effort to be an energetic optimist.
  3. Prove yourself in your current position before you expect to get a promotion. Your track record will matter, so build a solid reputation for yourself of hard work, responsibility, teamwork, and innovative thinking.  To this end, I recommend the effective How to Become a Rising Star in Your Career in 60 Days or Less - this guide has numerous workplace and career planning techniques, tips, and strategies that will give you a decided advantage when it's time to ask for that promotion.
  4. how to ask for a promotionMake an appointment with your boss to discuss your promotion. Don't knock on her door, ask for a minute of her time, and expect to have her full attention. By scheduling a block of time to talk, you can be sure that her mind will be on your conversation and not on whatever business you may have interrupted.
  5. When you meet with your boss, be ready to explain why you deserve the promotion as well as what you hope to achieve in the new position. Have a few solid ideas for company growth and improvements, and be prepared to explain how you would go about putting these improvements into action.
  6. Be a team player. Stress that the well-being of the company is forefront in your mind and that you believe that you have much to offer.
  7. Be prepared to show what steps you have taken to ready yourself for the responsibilities of the new position. If you have taken any classes or attended work-related seminars since your last promotion, be sure to mention them.
  8. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. If you are denied the promotion, politely ask for a reason, if one is not automatically offered. Inquire as to what you can do to put yourself in contention for a promotion in the future, and make a commitment to take the necessary steps to advance your career. Sometimes, even deserving candidates are not promoted because they have reached the highest point possible at their company. If this is the case, you may have to apply at a larger firm in order to take your career to the next level.
  9. Offer thanks. No matter what the outcome of your meeting may be, be sure to extend your hand for a handshake and thank your boss for the opportunity to talk. Even if the meeting didn't result in a promotion for you at this time, you want to leave your boss with a good impression--you need to be professional and even-tempered. If you did get the promotion (good for you!), ask to set up a time to work out the details, if they haven't been fully discussed.

Now you know how to ask for a job promotion. Start working hard towards you goal to prove to those around you that you're qualified for that raise!


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