How To Find Journalism Jobs

The written word is your life.  Well, at least it is your livelihood.  The goal is to find a good, solid job in the field of journalism that will challenge you and expand your boundaries, while allowing you to make a decent living.  There are several ways to find this perfect job: 

  1. Word of Mouth:  No doubt in your years of preparation, you've made a few acquaintances in the business.  Now is the time to get the word out that you are looking for work in your area.  Many a good position has been recommended during a casual conversation.

  • Online Job Search Engines:  There are several robust employment websites for journalists these days.  Check them daily and when you see an ad that interests you, use the Internet to research the publications in question and get a feel for what they like.  Then contact them using the guidelines provided in the ad.  Don't get discouraged if you see nothing today that looks promising; these ads are often updated daily, so the perfect position may be posted in the next twenty-four hours.
  • Online Networking:  In addition to online employment sites, check out forums and message boards that cater to working journalists.  Chances are you will come across at least a few people who are already gainfully employed in the locations that interest you.  Get to know them and find out who is the editor of what publication.  Get an idea of how things are around the office; what sorts of pieces usually catch the eyes of the powers that be at this or that magazine.  These little bits of information can come in very handy when you land an interview.
  • Headhunters:  A time-honored and often effective solution is to let someone else do the looking and weeding out for you.  Headhunters do charge either a flat fee or a percentage of your salary upon placement, but they generally do not charge anything if they fail to get you into a job.
  • Professional Associations:  A number of associations relating to journalism can be found on the Internet.  Contact them and see what support you may be able to get from them.  Consider joining a few of them, especially the ones that are relevant to your locale.  Some associations work very hard to help journalists secure positions that fit your criteria, and can be a great resource in your search for gainful employment.  
  • Time and patience are often keystones of finding the right working arrangement.  When looking for a job in journalism, this is certainly the case.  Do your homework, and get yourself out there where you can be seen by people that can help you, and in the right time you will have a position that is both creatively and financially rewarding.


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