How To Learn from Sample Resumes

There are a lot of people who learn well by example. If you are one of these people, you could benefit from learning to write your own résumé by studying a sample résumé. By using sample résumés to create your own résumé you will be able to create for yourself a professional and well-written one to call your own.

  1. Find a good sample résumé. The first step to learning from a sample résumé is to locate one. There are many wonderful books that you can purchase that include sample résumés. Two books that I recommend are 101 Best Résumés, by Jay A. Block and Michael Betrus, and Encyclopedia of Job-winning Résumés, by Myra Fournier and Jeffrey Spin.

    You also have the option of performing a simple search online, where you can find hundreds of them for free. Two websites that I recommend are Best Sample Resume and JobStar. It is very important that the sample résumé you pick be an excellent example.

  2. Follow the résumé format. Résumés are written in different formats so it is best if your sample résumé is written in the same format that you want to write yours in. If there are a bunch of sections on the résumé that don't apply to you, then keep looking for a better sample résumé.
  3. Give you résumé style. Résumés should look professional and not be over-styled. Your sample résumé should have an easy-to-read font and be consistent on such things as bullets, heading styles, etc. As long as the sample résumé is professional, then use the same style in your own résumé. If you can't match it exactly, just make sure that you are consistent on your résumé.
  4. Use those action verbs. When you get to the point where you are writing your job duties in the employment section, you need to pay close attention to the sample résumés' action verbs. This might be a good time to bring up other sample résumés, just so you can look at the plethora of good action verbs. Action verbs really help the résumé come to life, so make sure you use a wide variety and that they are accurate for your résumé.

  5. Make the résumé your own. Even though you are following a sample résumé, make the résumé your own. It shouldn't be a carbon copy of the sample résumé. If you feel like you need add or delete some headings, then go ahead and do that.


Sample résumés are a great aid when you are writing your own résumé. By using a good sample résumé you should feel confident that you are creating a professional résumé that will get you that next job.


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