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When it comes to being a successful travel writer, there are several things you have to understand before you ever make your first sale. Here are a few points to consider if you believe that you have what it takes to sell travel writing in various media outlets.

  1. The first thing to understand is that the travel writing is only one part of the job. It would be a wonderful world for the travel writer if one could dash off a thousand words extolling the virtues of a vacation site and know the piece would be accepted instantly. But things do not work that way. Just like most money making ventures, travel writing is a business. That means you will need to be prepared to promote your work as well as produce the finished product. Making sure you have the tools to locate potential clients for your work, then selling them on the fact that you are the ideal person to provide them with a great article, is vital. So be prepared to do some legwork and self-promotion.
  2. It is a fact of life that clients buy travel packages, not just travel articles. If you really want to catch the attention of a potential client, be prepared to show not only a sample of your travel writing, but also some snapshots that illustrate the amenities you praise in the sample article. Whether your potential client is the editor of a travel magazine or the proprietor of that great little bistro you discovered on your last vacation, the quality visuals along with the quality words will help you stand out from the pack.
  3. Another fact of the game is that some organizations prefer to deal with an entity rather than an individual. This does not have to be a big obstacle for the freelance travel writer. Simply establish a corporate name for yourself, and promote your travel writing under the auspices of your corporate name. If you plan on making a living with your writing, you will need to set up a business structure anyway. So go ahead and set up that organization. No one needs to know it is simply you, a website, and a company logo behind it all.
  4. Selling travel writing articles means that you must do what writers for any genre must do: send out queries. Most publications provide writer's guidelines that will help you tweak your query to fit their corporate culture. The great thing about a query is that you do not have to have a finished piece to submit. You are simply submitting the idea for an article, and perhaps a few key points that will be embodied in the piece. From there, you can get the green light with the project and have a guaranteed place to submit the finished piece. Another perk is you will already know the payment terms, including when to expect payment before you ever make the effort to write the piece. If you are not sure how to prepare a basic query, do an Internet search. There are a number of tips for writing queries to be found on various writing sites.

Travel writing can be a very lucrative enterprise. Once you have managed to sell a few pieces, your reputation may begin to open doors for you with other clients. This will afford you the opportunity to visit a number of interesting places around the world, as well as make a comfortable living.


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