How To Hire Construction Workers

If you are in charge of a major building project, you want to make sure you have qualified and competent construction workers who will work hand in hand with each other and the manager of  the project.  Before you hire the first construction worker, you need to understand the nature of what skill sets you need, what type of personalities will work well as part of a team, and how to verify the experience of any potential hire.  Here are a few tips to help you reach each one of these goals.

  1. The title of construction worker covers a great deal of territory.  There are a number of different jobs that go into the creation of a new structure, and you must be sure you hire construction workers who possess the skills you need. This will mean defining how many persons need to be on the crew overall, and whether you need one, two, or more persons to work on specific areas of the project.  This will help you make sure that the construction workers you hire have the skill sets needed to effectively complete each aspect of the project.  Nothing would create more grief than hiring several people and finding out all of them are expert concrete finishers, and you have need of bricklayers, electricians and plumbers.  Know what you need and make sure you hire construction workers with the appropriate expertise.
  2. It has been said that many a construction site had too many bosses and not enough workers.  When you are dealing with professionals that have been in the business for a number of years, it is only natural there will be some difference of opinion on how various jobs can be most effectively handled.  However, all your construction workers need to be clear on the fact that you will invite their ideas, but the final decision is yours and yours alone.  Anyone who cannot abide by that pecking order needs to withdraw his or her application.  You need people who will work well with others and will also take instruction when and as necessary. Construction is not the place for majority rule.
  3. Once you have found candidates that look good on paper and interview well, it is time to check out their credentials.  Even if your instincts tell you that a particular applicant is right for the job, make it a point to check out each reference.  While there are some things that cannot be divulged by a former employer without written permission, there are plenty of questions you may ask that are within the limits of the law.  Take the answers to heart and weigh them along with your perception of each potential hire.  This extra effort may save you a great deal of trouble later on.

Pulling together a capable team of construction workers to complete your project effectively and in a timely manner can be a challenge.  But with some effort on your part and by making sure you check out all potential personality and skill set issues, you can hire a crew that will make the project a joy to work on.


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