How To Start a Career in Auto Repair

Car mechanic at work

For anyone who has decided to pursue a career in auto repair, there are several ways you can go about getting both the experience and the education that you need in order to be successful. Here are a few examples of how you can prepare for your career in auto repair.

  1. Nothing is a better teacher than experience. If you are serious about making it as an auto repair specialist, you need to be in the front lines, working alongside the pros. To that end, get yourself hired at a reputable garage or auto repair center in your city. Your goal is to parlay this entry-level position, which may be anything from sweeping up to putting away the tools at the end of the day, into a situation where you can begin to slowly help out the pros as they work on the cars. You will learn invaluable information about the small differences in the way various engines are constructed, how to use diagnostics to get to the root of a problem with a car, and how to know when replacement is better than repair.
  2. To go along with your on-the-job training, you will also need to get a general education in auto repair. The best place to look for that will be at your local technical school. There you will be able to expose yourself to such topics as engine repair, body repair, electrical systems, computerized auto parts, the proper tools to use for major car repairs, and many other worthwhile topics. Coupled with the on-the-job training you get from the garage, this will make you an attractive hire to many places around town.

  3. However, you should not stop with your general education. Auto repair these days, and in particular engine and transmission repair, are much more sophisticated than they were thirty years ago. In order to broaden your chances for a successful career in auto repair, you will want to attend continuing education classes that are sponsored by auto companies and other peripheral organizations. These continuing education efforts will acquaint you with the latest auto repair technology, as well as help you to be up to the moment on how to take care of the latest models.

  4. Your continued education efforts do more than equip you to do the work. They can also be a powerful way to win the confidence of prospective customers. Should it be known that you are the only certified technician in the city that can work on a particular make and model, then you will always have more work to do. As your clientèle grows, word of mouth will tell of both your educational credentials and the quality work that you do.

Planning for a career in auto repair is much more than showing up at the local garage and grabbing a wrench. In order to be a success, you will need mentoring with an established garage or auto repair center, formal education in auto repair, and also certification in continuing education programs that keep your skill set up to date. With these elements in mind, and some hard work on your part, you can have a fulfilling future in auto repair.


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