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AT&T (formerly known as Bellsouth) is currently the world's largest communications company, with over 50 million customers. AT&T's headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, but the company has hundreds of locations worldwide. They also allow some employees the convenience of working from home. Here are some tips on how to apply for Bellsouth employment opportunities.

AT&T has something for everyone as far as job opportunities. Some of the positions they offer include: call center sales, clerical, college recruiting consulting, corporate management, customer service, IT, publishing, retail sales, technicians, and video distribution. AT&T also offers its employees excellent benefits. Employees are eligible for medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(K) savings plan/pension, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and life/accident insurance. In addition, employees receive discounts on various products and services from AT&T.

The website to visit if you are interested in applying for a position within AT&T is The hiring process can be a lengthy one. With AT&T being such a large conglomerate, they receive hundreds of employment applications each day. The first thing that the Human Resources department does is review the applications and prescreen the candidates. They also check to make sure that the applicants are qualified as far as their education level and work experience. The prescreening may include the applicants taking various assessment tests and/or having a phone interview.

AT&T has provided their assessment study guides online to help applicants prepare for the test. The next step in the hiring process is the interview. Once the most qualified applicants are selected, an interview is scheduled. If an interview is successful, one of AT&T's team members will extend an offer. The team member will discuss the applicant's starting salary with the recruiter. They will then obtain all of the necessary approvals for the applicant's hire and will send the applicant a job offer package.

As with most jobs, AT&T will also conduct an extensive background check on the prospective new hire. This includes a criminal background check, verifying the applicant's education and previous employment, and also a pre-employment drug screening. For college students, AT&T also provides paid internships for hand-on training. To apply for these, either visit or attend one of AT&T's many on-campus events.

AT&T is a great company to work for and they provide endless opportunities for growth for its employees. If you want to surround yourself with a diverse group of goal-oriented and motivated people, excellent management, and top-notch employee training, then this is the place for you.


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