How To Apply for Blockbuster Jobs: Job Application Form

Get Tips to Fill out an Application for Employment with Blockbuster

Blockbuster offers a wide range of  part-time and full-time positions.  Before starting your search for a job at this company, prepare all of your personal information, job history, and anything else that you think may be important for a job application. You certainly want to know how to apply for Blockbuster jobs properly, and have answers prepared for every individual question. Here's how to apply.

Job applicant interviewNow that you're adequately prepared to fill out the online job application, you will need to visit the careers section of the company website.  Go to the Careers page on the Blockbuster website. From here, you will see a list of available job titles, divided into two separate sections. One is retail, the other is corporate. Click on whichever category interests you the most.

Next, you should decide whether you want to work part- or full-time. There are two boxes with full-time and part-time next to them. Check off the one you're interested in. Right above this you can fill out your location. After you finish this, click Search for Jobs at the very bottom of the page.

Now you're on the Blockbuster employment application web page. The first section is titled Personal Information. You will fill everything out, starting with all of your general information, such as your name, birthday, etc.  Any boxes with stars beside them must be filled out. When you're finished filling this page out, click Save and Continue.

The next page in the application for employment is titled Work Availability. They want to know which days you're available for work, for how many hours each day, and what you expect to be paid. There is a grid with little boxes for each period of every day. So, for instance: if you can't work Saturday in the evening, you would leave that section blank, but if you're free in the morning, check the corresponding box.

The next page is Experience and Education. Basically, this section is the place to enter where have you worked and where you went to school.  They will also want to know whether you acquired any skills in the past that may be helpful to you in this job. After progressing to the next page, you can also attach a resume if you have it.

You will have to complete a questionnaire so the company can get to know you and your work habits better.  After this you will go through some background checks, and provide an e-signature, as well as race/gender information.

The final step in the job application form is to fill out an assessment questionnaire. You should make sure to turn pop-up blocker off so the assessment can open. Finish this, look over the summary of your application, and then click Submit. Good luck!


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