How To Apply for Cruise Line Employment

For many, being employed on a cruise line sounds like the perfect job.  You get to spend tons of time in exotic locales in a relaxed atmosphere, and get paid to do it!  If you think this sounds great, then cruise line employment may be in your future. Simply follow the simple steps outlined below, to know how to remove the headache of applying for cruise line employment and be on your way to a new, exciting job on the sea!  Just remember the two most important things when you choose to apply for cruise line employment: don't pay, and be direct.

There are a number of services out there that want you to pay them to help you with applying for cruise line employment. These services can be difficult to trust, and even though they may say so, there is no guarantee that they will get you employment on a cruise line.  They may charge what seems like a small amount to get a job, but you can save money by avoiding these services altogether.  There is no clear advantage to using these services to apply, so keep your money!

Being direct is the best way to gain cruise line employment.  Simply follow these steps:

  1. Start by compiling a list of cruise lines for which you would like to work.  Be adventurous and list some lines that are outside your comfort zone!
  2. Go directly to each cruise line's website or recruiting website.  These can often be found by visiting the cruise line's reservation site.  If you can't find the employment opportunities section, give the company a call or send them an e-mail.
  3. Find a cruise line job that matches your skills.  Don't be afraid to try new things!
  4. Apply.  Be honest and upbeat: your future employer will appreciate it!
  5. List the employment for which you applied in a log so you can follow up later.
  6. Follow up!  This part is probably the most important, so don't forget it.

After you have followed these steps, the process is the same as gaining any other sort of employment: be enthusiastic and persistent!  If you don't show the employer that you're serious and excited about being employed on a cruise line, then they won't be enthusiastic about hiring you.  If you're persistent about getting a cruise line job, your chances of getting employed will continue to rise, so keep at it.  Happy sailing!


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