How To Apply for Cruise Ship Employment

If you love to travel and meet new people but don't have the budget to support your sense of adventure, then cruise ship employment may be for you. The same job opportunities found in resorts and entertainment industries exist on cruise ships. Here's how to apply.

If you have never taken a cruise for your own pleasure, you may want to do so in the name of research before applying for cruise ship employment. Finding out that you suffer from severe motion sickness can be a deal breaker right off the bat. It's also a good idea to take note of the many employment positions that exist on cruise ships and picture yourself working in that capacity. Remember that your job will not always be glamorous just because of the setting. Assess your skills and be honest with yourself about your willingness to perform job requirements. Quitting in the middle of a long cruise does not afford you the option of going home.

Once you are certain about your ability to work on board a cruise ship, the next step in applying for employment involves corporate research. Search the web for economic news articles and reports that reflect the financial health of each cruise line you are interested in working for. Are they turning a profit or are they operating at a loss? Conducting this type of research before you are hired can greatly reduce your risk of being laid off. In addition to a cruise line's financial standing, find out everything you can about the company's employment benefits. Read reviews on industry-related forums posted by previous or current employees to get a sense of how management relates to personnel.

During your company research, take into account the country from which each cruise line operates. If you are a citizen of the United States working for a cruise line based in Norway, how does that affect you in terms of pay rate, method of compensation (consider currency exchange rates), and health benefits? What rights and responsibilities do you have as a foreigner in the case of legal action initiated by employee or employer?

Compile your corporate research into a chart or side-by-side comparison so you can narrow your search for the perfect cruise ship employer. Then visit each cruise line's web site to search for job opportunities or employment application procedures. Depending on the qualifications associated with your desired position, you may be asked to upload a resume. Having that completed and updated before applying can streamline the application process. Good luck and happy sailing!


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