How To Apply for Gamestop Employment

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So you like video games? Why not get off the couch, put down the controller and start making money?   There are many fun and rewarding positions available at Gamestop, from Employee Relations to Hardware Supervisor.  To know how to find available jobs in your area, simply get on the world wide web via your computer and go to Gamestop's careers page.

The left side of your computer screen will tell you what jobs are available at Gamestop and the locations of these Gamestop jobs.  Click the link to see jobs in specific areas.  Open positions will appear on the right side of your screen.  When you click on a job another window will pop up, informing you of the Gamestop job summary, the skills you will need to be successful and responsibilities you will be expected to take on in your new career with Gamestop.  Read these and then check the box or boxes to the right of the job and click the link that says "apply for specific positions".

Now you are ready to begin inputting your personal information.  Take your time to ensure accuracy; this screen is for your contact information.  If you are chosen for an employment with Gamestop you want them to be able to contact you right away!   Some text boxes contain a pull down menu that allows you to choose from what is provided for you.  When you are done, click the box on the right corner that says "next".

The next screen asks for your work experience.  Again, take your time and be honest about your past jobs.  If you have had more than one job in the last five years, click "add another previous job", located under the box that asks for a brief description of your responsibilities with your previous employer.

On the next screen you will input your computer, math and office machine skills. Each question on this page has its own pull down menu where you can choose your skill level from Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced.   Next is the Equal Opportunity Employment question: this question deals with your ethnicity - you don't need to answer this question if you choose not to.

Upon completing this screen you will be led to the very last hurdle in applying for a career at Gamestop.  On the final screen you will answer how you heard about the job and upload your resume.  Upon completion, click the button on the right to file your application online.  Now sit back and wait for a call - it could be that you are on your way to a new career!


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