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As the economy begins to turn around, job openings slowly begin to appear on job boards and in help wanted ads.  This is especially true for building supply giant, Lowes.  Lowes is currently experiencing their usual bump in sales due to landscaping and remodeling projects that normally occur in the summer.  Plus, the housing market has made some gains, especially in the new house arena.  Applying for any job isn't easy, and with more and more competition for each available job, how can you be sure that your application is being noticed by hiring managers?  Know how to be a stand out in your job application to Lowes with these tips.

  1. Apply in person:  Nowadays, most employment applications are completed at an online kiosk.  The process is the same as if you were completing a paper application.  The good news is that it is easier to correct mistakes electronically.  The bad news is that if you are completing the application at the store location, you will have to make sure that you have all of the relevant information in your possession, as you won't be able to leave in order to find previous employment dates or other information you may need for your application.
  2. Complete the application in its entirety:  One of the cardinal rules for completing an employment application is to make sure that every line contains something.  If a particular question does not pertain to you, take the time to state "not applicable" instead of leaving blank spaces.  This practice shows the company that you pay attention to detail and completeness, both of which are very valuable characteristics in a potential employee.
  3. Make personal contact:  If it is at all possible, try to speak with one of the hiring managers before you leave.  This allows them to put a face with a name and gives you the opportunity to make a first impression.  Many times, hiring managers will only make cursory reviews of the many applications that are submitted when deciding who to call in for an interview.  Meeting them in person can give you an edge over the competition.
  4. Research the company:  This tactic will come in especially helpful when it comes to interviewing.  It impresses hiring managers when you can demonstrate what you can do for the company, and the only way to do that is to understand what the company does and what their philosophies are.

While these tips are great for applying to any retail or service oriented employer, it is what Lowes is looking for particularly.  Employing these tips when applying for an open position at Lowes will ensure that you have the best chance at landing that new job.


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