How To Apply For Royal Caribbean Employment

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"Join the Nation of Why Not!" With their new, intensive ad campaign, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is positioning itself to be a leader in the cruise line industry.

But what about those who love travel but are not flush with cash and can't afford to pay for cruises? Try working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines instead. Working on a cruise ship can be a rewarding and fun travel experience, and in a recent study was rated as one of the most exciting professions.

If you love to travel, can handle the sea and high-maintenance customers, a career with Royal Caribbean may be the place for you. Here's how to apply.

1) Log on to and click on Careers.
2) You will be asked to choose a land or a sea position.  If you are experienced in sales or other administration, there are plenty of land-based positions at the corporate office in Miami, or as independent sales representatives throughout the country.  If you want the ship experience, however, you must click on Shipboard Opportunities.
3) Find out the culture. The FAQs answer many important questions and let you know what it might be like to work on a cruise ship.

4)  Choose a position. A cruise ship is essentially a city within itself. Job positions include all aspects of life, including: hotel services, human resources, accounting, medical personnel, security, chefs and waiters. Above all, they need entertainers. If you are experienced in entertainment, Royal Caribbean Productions holds auditions in various cities. Check their schedule to find one near you.
5) When you are ready to apply, clicking on Job Search will show all the current openings, or you may submit a general application. Clicking on Operational Areas will show you all of the departments and job descriptions.
6) Submit Application. The application is very easy and only takes about ten minutes to complete. You will need your contact information, cover letter and resume. Both of these can be uploaded as Word or PDF documents.
7) Following up is difficult, but with persistence and web research it can be done.

Royal Caribbean employment is not all fun, however. Cruise ship employees can expect to work seven days a week for up to ten hours a day. Senior level management members have their own cabins while everyone else shares cabins with one or more crew members. Assignments usually include six to eight months on board, followed by six to eight weeks of vacation time.  Salary is competitive, and depends on the position. Room and board are free, but all other travel expenses must be paid by the employee.


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