How To Apply for Safeway Jobs: Employment Opportunities

Start Working at Your Favorite Safeway Grocery Store

With 1,739 stores and a dozen in-house brands, Safeway Stores is one of the largest grocery store chains in North America. For 2008, they reported over $44 million in total sales and revenue. Safeway stores use various names according to region, including Randall's, Tom Thumb, Vons, Genuardi's, Pavilion's, Dominick's and Carr's.

Would you like to work at a Safeway grocery store? There are many careers available with the chain. Stores do not accept paper applications; they must all be completed at an in-store kiosk or through the online application. Here's how to find Safeway employment opportunities and get a start in grocery store jobs:

Before You Begin
Safeway requires applicants to be 16 years old and eligible for US employment. An electronic application takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. To apply, make sure you have the following:

  1. Applicant's Social Security number.
  2. Contact information.
  3. Name and location of last school attended.
  4. Information about five previous jobs, if any. You must have the company name, address, and phone number, your job title and the starting and ending dates of your employment, your supervisor's name, starting/ending salary and job responsibilities.
  5. Your availability.

Applying In Store
The Safeway application is a computer stand usually located in an out of the way place in the store. If you do not see it immediately, ask an associate. Be aware, however, that if you speak to a manager, he or she is already evaluating you for employment. Be polite, make sure you are dressed nicely.

Grocery clerk standing in produce sectionOnce you get to the computer terminal, it will walk you through an electronic job application. The application actually tells you all the open positions for that store. Look through the Safeway vacancies to see which job opportunities are available at that supermarket. Unlike a paper application, you are only applying for open positions in that store.

The Safeway store job application is not as user-friendly as some electronic applications. Frequent freezes and lost pages require re-entering of information, and applicants may find the tiny keyboard and trackball mouse difficult. Many kiosks do not provide chairs and applicants must stand. Granted, most store positions require standing, but not while entering detailed employment information. Applicants must have patience.

Answer each question on the Safeway job application form as honestly as possible. Remember, falsifying employment information can result in termination. Once you have finished applying, it is best to speak with a manager. If the manager is not available, get his or her name and number and call within five business days.

Applying Online
If you are not able to apply at the kiosk, you may apply from your home computer.  Whether you apply online or in-store has no bearing on your employment status. To apply, go to At the bottom, you must click on the Careers link.  It will take you through the same process as the kiosk, so you will still see the vacancies at the supermarket closest to you. Good luck applying for Safeway jobs!  


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