Aviation: Types of Aircraft

Commercial airliners are not the only type of aircraft available, although arguably they are among the most ubiquitous. Aircraft are an essential part of transport these days, since they bend the time-space continuum a considerable amount, cutting travel time short even through long distances. Here are several different types of aircraft and their purposes.

  1. Helicopters. Helicopters are one of the easiest ways to traverse small distances. They are composed of a carrier, a propeller on top and a tail with a small propeller attached to it for navigation. It can sit two to six people at a time and is often used for traveling within cities. Helicopters are efficient because they fly low and don't need a lot of fuel. But since the helicopter's propellers generate a lot of noise, pilots and passengers often communicate through headsets inside the carrier.
  2. Twin pistons. The first aircraft designed by the Wright brothers was a kind of a twin piston aircraft, comprising two engines powering propellers on either side of the wings of the aircraft. Twin pistons are ideal for flights of short to medium distances and can seat up to 8 passengers at a time.
  3. Turboprops. Turboprop aircraft have external propellers driven by a turbojet engine on either side of the aircraft's wings. This is ideal for medium-distance travel lasting from 2 to 4 hours. Most chartered flights to remote island destinations use turboprop aircraft. The army and air force also use this type of aircraft for dispatching their members across countries and continents.
  4. Executive jets. The US President's Air Force One is an example of an executive jet. Executive jets are aircraft used for special purposes, and more often than not executives and multimillionaires who travel the world a lot are the ones who opt for executive jets. This type of aircraft is suitable for long distance flights, and can carry as many as 16 passengers at a time.
  5. Airliners. This is the general type of aircraft we get to see and ride in the airports every day. Airliners are passenger aircraft that can carry 50 to 400 passengers at a time. They are suitable for any kind of flight and can go through long distances around the world. However, since airplanes require a certain elevation to sustain flight, operating one can be quite costly due to the need for more fuel.
  6. Cargo aircraft. Cargo aircraft are huge jet-powered planes that can carry and transport voluminous and heavy goods through long distances across the globe. Cargo aircraft are also used for transporting airplane parts to different parts of the world.

As technology advances and as science discovers new processes of doing things, more and more types or aircraft and transportation modules are being invented. As for aircraft, these flying vehicles are getting bigger and bigger each day, enabling airline companies to accommodate more people for more efficient travel.


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