How To Avoid Being the Office Tease

Being the office tease hurts you, hurts your career, and creates an uncomfortable work environment. Being the office tease means being overly flirtatious to the point of becoming the office joke. Here's how you can avoid being the office tease.

Avoid wearing provocative clothing. Not only is this inappropriate in the work environment, but it also makes you an easy target of office gossip.

Avoid touching men. Teasing men in the office often includes touching them on their cheeks or arms. Not only is this type of office teasing unacceptable, it might also be against office policy.

Don't use your body to get attention. When men overhear you talking about your body in sexual terms, they might get it into their heads that you're "easy" and a tease. When women overhear you talking about your body parts, they may feel threatened and angry that you're using that kind of language in the work place.

Avoid talking about your sexual encounters. This is typical office tease behavior. If you go to work Monday morning and regale your coworkers about your weekend conquests, you may be seen as someone who is actively sexually teasing her male coworkers.

Avoid flirting with married or coupled coworkers. When men are married or have girlfriends, they should be considered off-limits to any type of office flirting.

Don't make sexually suggestive jokes in front of your coworkers. Again, this is not appropriate office behavior. It may also be against your company's corporate policy.

Do not engage in sexual banter with your coworkers.
If a coworker is coming on to you, it may be tempting to act like you're "one of the guys" and tease him back. But in reality, this just encourages the sexual behavior, and before you know it, you're labeled the office tease--the girl who talks a lot but doesn't put out.

A woman who is the office tease will not be respected by any of her coworkers, male or female. Avoid being the office tease by conducting yourself professionally at all times. The office is not a night club.  People in a professional work environment should behave accordingly. When you move on from your job, you want to have good professional references. You don't want to be remembered as the office tease or the office tramp.


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