How To Become a Career Counselor

When you're searching for a counseling degree program, you'll soon find that accredited online universities offer excellent educational options. Becoming a career counselor can be a very rewarding and satisfying career for those who have a sincere interest in helping people with educational and career problems. Your main duty will be to help out people with critical career decisions that they need guidance in making. You will look over your client's interests, skills, education level, job history and help them make these decisions.

As a career counselor most of your work day will consist of meeting with clients. You will work with people who are wondering what they should do with their lives. They have yet to make a career path decision and will need help from you in choosing the correct path. You may have to set up an aptitude and achievement test to help them with which career path that they should take. You will have to remember that your job is vital to people's lives as they want to choose the best career path for themselves as far as job satisfaction, financial satisfaction and happiness are concerned.

Not all people you work with will be new to the work field. Some will be people who are unhappy with the career field that they previously chose and will need your help to guide them to a new career path. Sometimes you will help your client out with job search skills and even help them in locating jobs with employers that would be a perfect fit for them. You may also take on the task of helping people that are dealing with a job loss, they will be very stressed out and you will be the person that they lean on for mental support.

To become a career counselor you will have to be a person who has a strong desire to help others and who is able to gain their trust and respect. You will also need to get a good education to enter the field; you will generally need to obtain at least a Master's degree. Degrees in mental health counseling, psychological counseling, or community counseling are very desirable by those looking to hire career counselors. You can pursue your degree through a traditional college, or by taking classes at an accredited online university.  Though a great number of career counselors work in schools, counselors may or may not work in a school setting. The job outlook for career counselors is very good, as employment opportunities in this field are expected to exceed the number qualified graduates. Career counselor salaries vary depending on who you work for, but generally you are rewarded with a comfortable living wage and benefits.


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