How To Become a Nanny

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Actress Fran Drescher put the profession of nanny into the national spotlight thanks to her popular television comedy. If you love working with children and enjoy being part of a household, a career as a professional nanny might be a satisfying job choice. Read these tips on how to get started as a nanny.

A nanny is an individual hired by a family to care for their child or children in their home. Nannies differ from governesses in that they are not charged with teaching the children. Nannies may live with the family or may live in their own home and travel to and from their employer's household on a daily or as-needed basis.  Many wealthy families have their nanny travel with them on business trips and vacation.

Although there is no formal training necessary to become a nanny, any coursework in child psychology or real life experience dealing with children would be extremely helpful. Many nannies have taken courses in first aid, childcare and cooking to help prepare them for their duties.

Duties of a nanny include, but are not limited to, supervising the children during the hours dictated by their employer, ensuring that the children are kept safe from harm while they purse their daily activities both inside and outside the home, preparing snacks and meals that are nutritious, doing housekeeping chores as directed by the employer, and alerting the employer to any problems or issues that arise when supervising the children.

Because children of any age can be demanding, it's essential for a nanny to be patient, mature and resourceful. There are specialized schools that you can attend in order to become a certified nanny; these will make you a much more desirable candidate to any family seeking someone they can trust.  However, any sort of childcare experience, including caring for your own children, as well as babysitting experience could be valid experience toward securing a nanny position.

When ready to seek your first nanny job, it's a good idea to register with a reputable agency that specializes in securing nannies for a variety of family situations.  You may be asked to be bonded and undergo a thorough background check as well, but this will work in your favor because you will be pre-qualified to any prospective family seeking a nanny.

Nanny jobs may be full- or part-time, and may involve nights and weekends. If you receive room and board as part of your salary, your cash intake will be less. Before accepting a position as a nanny, make sure that you thoroughly understand what is expected of you and whether any benefits such as vacation time or medical insurance accompany the position. Live-out nannies can expect to earn anywhere between $9 and $20 per hour, depending upon experience.


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