How To Become a Professional Land Surveyor


Professional land surveying is a huge industry that is growing by leaps and bounds each year. Before a building or any type of housing property is built, the land has to be checked over by a professional land surveyor for property value and measurements. The job of a surveyor is very important and can determine whether a building can be built or not.  The average yearly salary for a professional land surveyor will be about $56,000 and of course will vary depending on your area.

A professional land surveyor will be able to research any previous information to obtain the circumstances for the new survey. The land surveyor will take notes and compose drawings to make sure that the work that is being done is acceptable. A professional land surveyor can work with engineers, banks, mortgage companies and even one-on-one with individuals. The professional land surveyor will be held liable for any mistakes or problems with the work that is completed, that is included in his fee to you.

A professional land surveyor will visit the project area to perform his survey. The time to complete the work on site will vary but will usually take about three hours. You will need to be familiar with how to use a computer, digital camera, laptop and metal detector; these are items that you will be using when you become a professional land surveyor.

In most states a land surveyor must register every couple of years to be able to practice land surveying. Each state has its own licensing examination, and the requirements will vary by state. Each state will also require a certain number of hours of training to be completed per year.

There are a few fees to consider when looking into becoming a professional land surveyor; these will vary slightly by state. Some of the fees and licenses include those for Land Surveyor-in-Training, Professional Land Surveying Firm, Professional Design Firm, Certificate of License, Duplicate License, and the Renewal of License.

Maybe you have driven down the road and seen someone along the road or in a field with some equipment that looked similar to telescope: that was a land surveyor on the job, taking measurements and sketching out the area in question.

If becoming a professional land surveyor is something you are considering, do your research regarding how much time it will take for your schooling and what the earning potential is in your area.  You will need to complete your schooling through an accredited university, but these can be either local or online.  As you are attending school, it's also a good idea to attend any professional seminars or conferences that are being held for local land surveyors - this will give you a chance to meet and learn from those who are currently working in the field.  You may even be able to find a mentor who can assist you with difficult questions and help you as you search for your first assignment.  


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