How To Become a Rodeo Clown

Deciding on becoming a rodeo clown is not something a person takes lightly. This is a well thought out, tough decision. Perhaps they were brought up on a ranch or always had a love of the excitement of going to rodeos as a child. Watching a rodeo clown is nothing short of watching a magician at work. He must be skillful at avoiding getting kicked or run over. He must at the same time help the rider of the bull or bronco get out of the arena with little or no injuries.

When deciding on this career, it is best to talk to others in the rodeo to get a feel of how everything works. Talking to other rodeo clowns will give you the best idea of what you’re up against. Ask for a tour of the barns, arenas and the stadium for an insider’s peek at what goes on behind the lights of the show that most ticket payers see.

One way of learning this risky business is first-hand from another clown. They can literally give you a back seat to what it is they do. They can tell you about how to set the arena up, corralling the bulls into the chute and getting ready for the first ride.

You may also choose to attend a rodeo school for clowns, which will give you classes on how to avoid getting speared by a bull and avoiding hooves. They may also offer classes for roping, applying makeup and tumbling classes to stay agile.

Since this business is by word of mouth, you want to become friends with everyone who is at the rodeo.

These clowns are well known for their antics of bothering announcers, harassing each other and all the while keeping an eye out for the door to the arena opening and the next rider coming through. They literally put their lives before others and can make people laugh while doing it. This is a job in which one needs boundless energy and dedication. This job is not for everyone and can bring the clown the chance of grave injuries along with the very real potential of death.  Riders put their lives on the line, knowing these clowns are there and can help protect them in the event they go down.

Rodeo clowns may walk in the arena one night and have to be carried out the next. This is the reality that they all face on a daily basis.


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