How To Become Coach of the Year

Coaching is a lifestyle of continuous passion and an undying love for people. Effective coaches take every opportunity to communicate effectively, mentor, show compassion, lead by example, and make personal sacrifices for the team. Here's how to become an exceptional coach.

I have broken these areas down into the word C.O.A.C.H:

C - Communicate Effectively

Nothing is more important than communication. Great communicators reach their audiences, connect with them on their level and inspire them to action. A coach's responsibility to communicate with everyone associated with his organization is crucial to his success.

O - Offer to Mentor

A mentor is a person of influence and a voice of reason. Coaches who make time to mentor athletes bring about real change. Communicating that we are there for our players, that we care about them, and that we expect a certain level of accountability will pay huge rewards. The end result will help to bring about a change in character, commitment and a life filled with success rather than failure.

A - Athlete Compassion

Truly compassionate coaches are rare. Somewhere in the process of winning and losing many coaches have lost their compassion. True compassion is caring about an injury, a negative family situation, an athlete's grades or something as small as a broken relationship. Players who know that their coach truly cares about them play harder. This connection of trust pushes players to go that extra mile so that they do not let their coach down.

C - Coach by Example

Lead by example. If you preach it, practice it. Be the first person to admit mistakes and take ownership. Be the leader and let your own personal life be an example to your athletes. Let your character speak for itself so your athletes will talk like you, walk like you and make decisions like you.

H - Heartfelt Sacrifices
Sacrifice is needed to achieve dreams, goals and desires. Your coaching career will be filled with making sacrifices. Some may not always be pleasant, but in the end, your sacrifices will pay off with the success of the team.

So, you still want to be Coach of the Year? Remember, awards are man made. Becoming a coach is a lifelong process that awards cannot measure and time cannot duplicate. Coaches who practice communicating, mentorship, compassion, leadership and sacrifice reap lifelong rewards. Getting the hardware to hang on the trophy case is inspiring; however, inspiring to be worthy of the award is worth more than any award you will ever receive.


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