Becoming a Social Worker

Social workers are considered to be valuable employees of society, because they prioritize social care. Social workers will patiently work with different kinds of individuals, regardless of age.  These are usually people who have been socially excluded - like the elderly, delinquent youths, and physically and mentally incapacitated persons. 

Not everybody possesses the ability to become a social worker. This career is generally viewed as work for the brave and the generous. This is for people who give priority to the needy rather than their personal benefits. Their human services tasks extend from support to guidance of individuals that need social care. Social work jobs can be found in various environments like schools, hospitals, communities, and other voluntary organizations.

Previously, social work was solely voluntary. It used to be practiced by wealthy people and retirees. However, social work jobs are growing in demand, as they are being eyed as a good career, not to mention that the pay every month is really attractive. Before you consider getting a social service job, you need to study some skills first. Being a social worker is no joke. It requires a special set of skills for you to become a successful and effective worker. These skills include knowledge of human rights, patience, diplomacy, skills in conflict management, professionalism, dedication, and social skills.

So if you think you have the proper skills to become a social worker, then you may just follow some steps for you to become a professional one. However, if you are lacking some skills, it’s not too late. Some steps here can help you develop skills that are needed if you want to survive social service jobs.

Counselor talking to his clientsHere are some steps that you need to undergo before becoming a social worker.

1.    Have a plan. While you are still a student, work on developing your skills like being involved in charity institutions and other social-work related organizations. A short-term experience, even a month, will do. So be a volunteer and this can help you in checking out some employment opportunities, too. Also, if you have already decided, you can check for a school offering social work courses. Early planning is one good way to be successful.

2.    Get a degree. Here are some social working degrees you may undertake:

  • Bachelor's Degree. Get a bachelor’s degree in any school for social work. But most of these have their minimum qualifications before you can become a professional social worker.
  • Master’s and Doctorate Degree. If you want better career options and better pay, then these degrees are for you. With this, you can have any of these social service jobs: professor, researcher, policy maker, lecturer, or trainer in social work fields.

3.    Enhance your skills. You can get a part-time job and start that by looking for a social service job vacancy near you. If not, you can continue being a volunteer.

4.    Obtain license, registration, or certification. In most states, it is required that a social worker present a license, registration, or certification before he can be legally allowed to work in any medical or community organizations for human services.

Becoming a social worker or having any other human services career is easy if you have real passion in regard to the work. There are two basic things required from you: these are your skills and your degree. Now, you are off to go to start a career in social work.


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