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A mobile network operator is a company that provides cellular phone services to customers. There are different types of technologies used by mobile network operators. Some of these are CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access, GSM (Global System for Mobile) or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System).

There are a number of mobile network operators that are available in the United States. With the improvement in technology, the subscribers for the best mobile network operators have reached into the millions.

Here are some of the best mobile network operators in the U.S.:

  1. AT&T Mobility. This company was formerly known as Cingular. It changed to its current name in 2006. As of the second quarter of 2009, AT&T has about a total of 79.6 million subscribers. There are several calling plans and features that are available for this cellular network. Some of these include Mobile to Mobile, AT&T Unity and mobile phone insurance. In 2007, AT&T became the exclusive carrier for the Apple iPhone in the United States. This further boosted the number of subscribers for AT&T.
  2. Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless is a U.S. based broadband and mobile telecommunications company. Some of the services that are offered by Verizon Wireless include voice or landline services, voicemail, wireless, video and data or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). This GSM network is considered the largest wireless telecommunications array in the U.S. This company has around 87.7 million subscribers.
  3. Sprint Nextel Corporation. This cellular mobile telecommunications company is ranked the third in telecommunications operators in the U.S. The company has approximately 48.8 million subscribers. Some of Sprint’s services include a 2G and 3G wireless network, mobile roaming, broadband Internet through Sprint mobile, and a 4G network.
  4. Nextel Communications. This company has been merged with Sprint and is now known as Sprint Nextel Corporation. This telecommunications company had about 20 million subscribers. Some of the services, architecture and technologies that were available from Nextel Communications included iDEN, push to talk and 3G.
  5. T-Mobile. T-Mobile is a mobile network operator that is based in Germany. This company is popular in both Germany and the U.S. T-Mobile is ranked 6th in the list of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. The company has about 150 million subscribers around the world, 33.5 million of those are in the U.S. Other countries where T-Mobile operates include Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

These are some of the best telecommunications network operators in the U.S. There are different services and products that are available from the different companies. Before subscribing to the services of a company, it is best to compare the different options you have in mobile communications. You can also research the different services that are available to you. Choose a company that has the services that you intend to use. You can also ask around with people that have already subscribed to get feedback regarding the services of their telecommunications company.


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