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Do you want to change careers? You are not alone. Americans change careers an average of seven to nine times in their lives. We have the information you need to know; it’s all conveniently gathered right here. Not sure what career options are available? Our informative career profiles spotlight dozen of popular occupations, and suggest other less-publicized, but exciting, job opportunities.

If you’re a freshly-minted new graduate stuck in the faxing resumes and watching Reality Bites stage of your career, our authors have survived the entry level world and lived to write about it. Here we dispense advice on everything they never taught you in school. Turn to us for help in writing and updating resumes, succeeded and excelling through the interview process, all the way through those sticky salary negotiations and first day jitters.

For those in between jobs, you are not the forgotten society, alone on your home computer. Browse our excellent articles on finding a job and choosing and using an employment agency. We even have concisely packaged the information you need about unemployment benefits and how to apply.

Not sure how to get into government work? Want to be a scriptwriter? Looking for information on finance jobs? Want to be a writer? Want the low-down on military jobs? Looking for MBA jobs? Our information base doesn’t stop there. We add new articles each day. For all things career, How To Do Things is how to get the best information.

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