How To Get Careers with a Forensic Science Major

Thanks to the popularity of certain shows on television, many students are thinking about the career opportunities for a forensic science major.  What is forensic science exactly?  It is the application of science within the justice system.  The Forensic scientist is anyone who uses science in the pursuit of justice.  They may be involved in all kinds of cases.  They may give testimony about whether a signature is a valid one in a will, or about whether a company is following environmental guidelines in manufacturing products.  Forensic science is a career where science can be used for the good of the public as a whole.

Career opportunities for a forensic science major are growing.  For those of you who may be entertaining the idea of becoming a forensic scientist, the most important quality you should have is a love of science.  A love of studying would also be a bonus for anyone considering this field.

As you will be called on to give your testimony in a court of law, if you are looking to take advantage of career opportunities for a forensic science major, good speaking skills are very important.  You should consider taking public speaking in school. If not public speaking, then some other class like debate may be good or joining a drama club.

Advanced classes in the fields of chemistry, biology, math, or psychology are also a must for those of you considering the career opportunities of a forensic science major. You may be surprised that you need a composition class if you are going to be a forensic scientist, but you will be called upon to write clear reports of your findings, such that a layman can understand.  Good note taking skills will help in career opportunities for a forensic science major.

Once you have decided to take advantage of the career opportunities for a forensic science major and finish the schooling needed, you may find yourself working for the DEA, FBI, Customs, or the Postal Services. Or you may find yourself employed by a forensic lab that does work for the district attorney's offices, either city or county, the military or any number of colleges and universities.

A student who plans on taking advantage of the career opportunities for a forensic science major will have an interesting future in front of them.  While it is not like the television shows that are so popular right now, it will be a future that will allow the student wide range of opportunities to make a difference.


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