How To Get Careers with a Management Major

If you are majoring in management, you can look forward to a bright future in a variety of career fields. There are multiple opportunities for you in the market, and below we will discuss some of them for you to evaluate.

  • One of the biggest areas to find management opportunities in is the retail market. Many of the larger retail chains offer management internship opportunities for intelligent, passionate individuals interested in this line of work. You will have to go through an interview process, which usually involves a written test of some type, a group or set of individual interviews and a possible writing sample along with your resume. It is best to start preparing early for these, as you will need to meet deadlines to be eligible. They are usually accompanied with a stipend salary, and will give you experience in working at many of the varying levels within the company.


  • Another avenue is starting off in a smaller, chain based store that will offer you rapid advancement into management with a show of good work, integrity, and business sense. These smaller chains can be found in video stores, restaurants, and related industries that are in need of good managers, some of which will pay very well. These smaller chains might even offer perks for advancement besides higher pay. If they are part of a large chain, there might be opportunities to get tuition assistance to go to school on.

When applying, be sure to have an updated resume and that all phone numbers and addresses are current. It is also valuable to have a prepared writing sample that shows your written communication skills. Before applying, get to know a little about the company's history, what it does, and what their goals are. This will show that you are proactive and ready to work, making you stand out as a viable candidate for the job. If you have any questions for the interviewer, write them down before you go, as you might forget them once you arrive. Make sure that you are clear on the job's requirements and duties before you leave.

Getting a good management position that you enjoy is very possible with all of the opportunities that are currently present. Being organized, well dressed, and prepared for the interview will help you get a start, as will the tips discussed above. This way you can find the right management position for you.


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