How To Get Careers with a Sociology Major

Your sociology major can open many doors in the professional world for you. There are several levels of a sociology major, depending on how long you are planning on attending college. You can start with a basic Associates degree or complete the requirements to obtain your PhD.

  • A degree in sociology can be helpful if you would like to have a career in the government world. You could be in an administrative position in health and human services. Careers that involve helping decide what is best for people that may need assistance and developing plans to restructure programs already in place.
  • Corrections facilities are in need of a person with a sociology degree to help them plan successful programs. They need the knowledge of somebody who has studied human behavior and can give an educated opinion on whether or not rehabilitation programs will be successful.
  • A public relations type position is also a possibility. Large corporations need a person who is familiar with human behavior to guide them on new product inventions and presenting them to the public. A public relations position may also include public speaking. A path in the business career is an option as well. The business world revolves around people. Corporations need people with a sociology background to help give them insight as to what may offend the public.
  • A counseling position is another option. The ability to understand how a person may feel or react in a variety of situations can increase a counselor's effectiveness.
  • Politics are a common path for a person with a sociology degree. They may have the ability to identify concerns in a potential group of voters, and how to alleviate those concerns is crucial in the political world. Politicians rely on voters, and they need to know what kinds of things would influence voters.
  • Sociology majors play a large roll in law enforcement as well. The FBI employs people with a background in sociology to help solve cases. Sociology provides training that may help predict a criminal's next move, or can possibly provide a profile of a criminal.
  • If you are interested in the media world, you could also find a position with your sociology education. TV and newspaper directors need to know what stories will get them the most viewers or readers.

No matter what your career path is in the sociology world, you have so many choices to choose from. The path you choose should be one you will enjoy and get the most out of your sociology, psychology, or human services training.


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