How To Get Careers in Hotel Management

The hotel management industry is one of the most booming businesses today. For one, even when the economy is bleak, corporate organizations still make it a point to organize business travel for their associates. Secondly, the hotel management industry can easily adjust to present economic conditions like offering discounted rates and other promos to make the business attractive to the budget conscious. This is the reason why hotels are able to stay in the game and why they are constantly in need of new trained personnel to be part of their organization.

If you would like to be part of the hotel management industry, here are some jobs available for you:

1. Hotel Managers. As the name suggests, hotel managers are in charge of overseeing that the whole operation of the hotel is efficient and profitable. The managerial team includes the following staff:

  • General Manager - oversees all the operations of the hotel including the finances, housekeeping, décor and interiors, food, and the standard operating procedure done by the staff.
  • Assistant Managers - assist in overseeing the daily operation of the entire hotel and its staff.
  • Department Managers - oversee the specific functions of each department in the hotel. They work under the supervision of the Hotel Managers and Assistant Managers.

2. Front Desk Personnel. They are the first point of contact with the guests. They are the hotel’s welcoming committee. They make sure that the guests’ check-in process is hassle-free. They also function as the guests’ assistants. They may take telephone messages, deliver mail to and from the guests’ rooms, or assist the guests in reservations or bookings to transport services or other events. The front desk personnel include the following people:

  • Front Office Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Information Clerk
  • Reservation Clerk
  • Bell Captain
  • Bell Boy
  • Doorman

3. Food and Beverage Personnel. The members of this department are responsible for the efficient and high-quality delivery of all services pertaining to food and drinks. The Restaurant Manager and the Food Service Manager are part of this team. They take care of maintaining the stocks and fixtures of the hotel’s restaurant. They also administer the time logs and payroll of the department’s staff. The Banquet Manager, on the other hand, oversees catering tasks.

4. Housekeeping Personnel. This department takes care of the overall maintenance of the hotel from the rooms, lobby, lounges, restaurants, halls, and recreational facilities. The Executive Manager is the head of this department.

5. Marketing and Sales Staff. The people in this department are in charge of promoting the hotel to increase room bookings and other services. They also devise measures to identify the needs of the customers to be able to develop packages that will fully suit customers’ needs.

Having a degree in Hotel Management does not only guarantee expertise in jobs connected to hotels; Hotel Management graduates can also find jobs in other fields like the restaurant industry, education and training, the airline industry, the retail industry, and entrepreneurship.


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