How To Get Careers in Civil Law

It may seem sometimes that very move we make is governed by law. In our day-to-day living, in our business, in our dealings with society and our country we have to abide by the law. A career in law is a popular choice. The belief of many is that a career in law is hugely financially rewarding. Yes, this may be true but did you know that it is not easy to attain a career in law? You have to have a good memory, superior intelligence, the talent to gather facts, an analytical mind, the endurance to work long hours and a good command of English.

When one thinks about careers in law, being a lawyer is top of the list. You can be a trial lawyer, one who prepares cases and argues them before judges in courtrooms or a contract lawyer who works for companies preparing or reviewing agreements or contracts related to business activities. One can choose from a wide range of different fields in law. Here are some of them:

  1. Civil Law looks into issues pertaining to the rights of people and the violations of these rights. It also looks into the preparation of documents pertaining to deed of sale, mortgages, wills and assignment of trustees or guardians.
  2. Tax Law focuses on tariffs or dues individuals have to pay for their income, properties, businesses or inheritances.
  3. Criminal Law handles misdemeanors committed against an individual or against the government. It works on the details of a case in preparation for its defense.
  4. Corporate Law focuses on issues concerning a corporation.  It deals with the rights a corporation has and the obligations they have towards their employees. It also helps the corporation in making an important decision of whether to go on with a law suit or not.
  5. International Law focuses on agreements between countries.
  6. Labor Law focuses on employees, their rights, their violations, their work conditions and their duties. It also handles disputes between the employer and his employees.
  7. Real Estate Law deals with issues related to properties, like acquisition, sale or assignment of a property under the trusteeship of someone other than the owner.
  8. Patent Law gives inventors the protection they need for their inventions. It also deals with violations committed under this law.

Another career in law is that for legal assistants or paralegals. They provide support to lawyers by doing research and preparing everything that is required. Paralegals prepare draft documents and conduct interviews with witnesses related to cases.   One can also be a court reporter that does accurate documentation of all that is said in court proceedings. They prepare the legal records of the proceedings and are responsible for storing and retrieving such legal records. Another career path is that of being a mediator. A mediator resolves differences and helps people agree on a solution without having to go to court such as in divorce and custody cases.

Lastly one can be a judge or a magistrate. They oversee trials and make sure that the court participants follow the rules and protect the rights of those involved in the case. They listen to both sides and determine whether to admit evidence then decide if the case should go to trial.


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